Migrating from IntelliJ IDEA to NetBeans

IDE support for Groovy and Grails is still evolving.

In 2008, most of the developers I talked to seemed to think that IntelliJ IDEA was the best IDE for working with Grails. JetBrains was nice enough to give all of my company’s developers who attended one of Scott Davis’ classes a complimentary one-year license for IntelliJ IDEA, and so most of our department has standardized on it. But IntelliJ IDEA is not free, and we couldn’t get the company bean counters to approve the budget to renew our licenses, since they know that free alternatives exist.

Before IntelliJ IDEA, we were mostly an Eclipse shop, and if necessary, we could go back to it. But we’ve been hearing good things about the new Groovy and Grails support in NetBeans, so I’ve undertaken to try it out. I’ll post about my experiences here.


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