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Friendly to spammers? Or just terrible customer service?

Followup: Burst.net responded on 3/24/2011, over a month after I submitted the support request.

Matt W has responded to your ticket.

Please preserve the subject line. This is important.

(Matt W)
As far as I know that is not a violation of our AUP. I’m forwarding this ticket to one of our abuse representatives now for confirmation.

Thank you,

Matt W.
Technical Support Representative
BurstNET Technologies, Inc.
Technical Support is always available via http://support.burst.net

Material Spam: Opting Out of AJC Reach

It seems like AJC Reach, the division of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that deposits a roll of ads on our driveways, has upped their delivery rate to twice per week recently. I’m getting a little tired of picking up soggy litter from my driveway, so I’ve been trying to find out who to contact to stop deliveries.

I used the contact form provided on the AJC Reach website, but that didn’t seem to get any results. Luckily, I found a number for the Senior VP for Circulation at the AJC posted at StopAJCReach.org and was able to contact a person in his office who took down my address and name and promised to have the deliveries stopped. Maybe this will be useful to others who want to opt out too.

#ajc-reach, #litter, #spam