Get RAD with GrailsUI

We had a pretty good meeting at the Atlanta Groovy & Grails (ATL 2G) User Group last night.

Ali Sullivan presented the GrailsUI plugin.

If you haven’t worked with GrailsUI or any of the other rich client plugins for Grails, they’re definitely worth looking at. GrailsUI takes an existing, robust AJAX library — in this case, Yahoo UI, and wraps it in a GSP tag library that makes it dead simple to include AJAX and rich UI controls in a Groovy Server Page (GSP) with minimal configuration. For example, adding a tabbed view is as simple as this:

<gui:tab label="Tab 1" active="true">
<h1>Inside Tab 1</h1>
<p>You can put whatever markup you want here.</p>
<gui:tab label="Tab 2">
<h1>Inside Tab 2</h2>
<gui:richEditor id="editor" value="You can use gui components within tabs, too!"/>

Yahoo UI is a big library, and GrailsUI hasn’t got tags for every control in it yet, but work does seem to be progressing: the Grails 1.1 release added two new tags for a context menu and a menu bar control.

Check it out.

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