Validating intent

<g:actionSubmit action="sign" value="I agree"
    title="I agree" tabindex="-1"
    style="position: relative;
        left: ${Math.floor(Math.random() * 600).intValue()}px;"/>

Do I just have an evil sense of humor? No. What makes an electronic signature legally valid is the conscious intent of the signer to sign. This is the submit button I’m using on a form to collect an electronic signature. It would be very difficult to click this button by accident. The random positioning also prevents many automated tools from clicking it. If a customer ever wants to contest that they have willingly accepted the terms of this electronic signature, I’ve just made it more difficult for them to prove their case in court.

Still, I can’t help getting an evil chuckle out of writing this code.

#electronic-signature, #gsp